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When you’re pregnant, some people will tell you that you have a glow. While it might not always feel accurate, it is really nice to hear. Lately, I think my pretty skin can be chalked up to some good hormones and a little illuminator from NARS.

I’ve long been an NARS fan, and this product has become another favorite. It comes in four shades. I’ve been using the lightest, Copacabana, for my fair skin.

It works well for me a couple of ways. I like to swirl the tiniest amount into my foundation and then apply with a  brush. It also is great dabbed lightly at the outer or inner corner of  your eyes for a quick brightening up. Blended along your cheekbones is another way to jazz up your skin.

One word of caution, use only a small amount to keep your face from looking to disco cha-cha. I use about the size of a ballpoint pen’s tip. Remember, you can always add more if you want to.



2 responses to “Perfecting Product”

  1. I heard great things about this! I’m very fair too so I’m gonna have to try this out 🙂

  2. Firstly, loving the new site layout! Secondly, I want you to trademark the term “disco cha-cha.”

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