January Beauty Haul

beauty products

Here’s my take on a few products from my recent beauty haul.

Left to right:

Pearl Eye Mask, Sephora: I’ve used the facial sheet masks before and like them, but they are a little restrictive. You basically have to lie down to keep them on. Well, I’m here to report the eye masks not only work (my under eyes were brighter), but I could actually roam around while wearing them, which allowed me to multi-task and beautify.

Color Curators Nail Polish, Formula X: Aimee Song has color curated the prettiest nail polish shades. This pink is almost white and goes on opaque. I love it. Though, full disclaimer, it took a lot of coats to cover.

Sugar Lip Treatment: My friend Kim turned me on to these tinted lipsticks. I’d used the plain ones before, but never those with color. All the shades are really beautiful. They’re sheer, but still add some punch to your look with only minimal effort.

Naked Smoky Eye Palette, Urban Decay: I love Urban Decay’s eyeshadows. This palette has the perfect components to build a million smoky looks. I’ve used the purples, chocolates and grays. I adore this.

Any other great make-up products I should try?


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