Fall Beauty Product Haul

Fall Beauty Product Hall - Missalaneyus

I’ve gotten a few beauty products recently that work as well now as they will into fall.

For starters, I picked up this barely there lip tint from the Estee Edit line at Sephora (shown on the far left). This cocobalm is moisturizing, the packaging is gorgeous, and the sheer berry hue gives your lips a little oomph.

Fall Beauty Product Hall - Missalaneyus

Some friends and I did a white elephant beauty exchange a few weekends ago. I came away with this magic, lip gloss plumper from Buxom in Dolly. The color is slightly pink, but still neutral  – great for day or night.

Last, but certainly not least, is this eye shadow palette from Smashbox. The colors are long-lasting and versatile. I’ve been wearing it non-stop and love that all of the shades are matte (no shimmer), which means I can wear them to work without feeling disco fancy (save that for girls night).


Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar Cleansing Water - Missalanyeus

So, this past year, I switched to a heavier duty mascara, and while I’m obsessed with it, Ponds Cold Cream was about the only thing that would take it off.

In the winter, that’s great, because my skin is typically dry and could use the extra moisture, but when summer rolls around, it’s not ideal.

I knew there were eye make-up removers on the market I could use in tandem with another cleanser, but that sounded like a lot of work. I really wanted an all-in-one to be sure I’d actually use it. You can imagine my delight when I heard* of Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier Fructis. Basically, it’s powerful, but is really gentle on your skin. I love how quickly I can wipe off the day’s make-up with just a few swipes. It even gets rid of my stubborn mascara. (Did I mention it’s under $10?)

Have you tried micellar water? What did you think?

*I read it is “beloved by French make-up artists.” Is that true? Either way, it got me to try it. 


The Secret to Great Skin and Nails

The Secret to Great Skin and Nails - Missalaneyus

Let me start by saying I am not a doctor. Repeat: I am not a doctor. So, before trying this, go ahead and check with yours, okay. Deal?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ve been taking two of these probiotic gummies a day to fend off some super glamorous digestive issues at the suggestion of my doctor. And while they’ve been helpful with those, I’ve been most impressed with the improved condition of my skin and nails.

Specifically, I’ve noticed the coloring and tone of my skin is more even and my nails, which were shredding, are strong and growing like crazy. It’s pretty incredible.

As far as which brand to use, I don’t have a preference. I’ve been using the ones shown in the picture, because I can’t bring myself to swallow another pill in the morning and these make me feel like I’m eating candy……even though I’m not. If you decide to go this route, you can find them at drugstores or Target.

I’d love to know if you take a probiotic. If you do, have you noticed an improvement in your skin and nails too?



Transitional Tops for Summer and Fall

So, for some reason, there were like zero short sleeve tops again this year. Ok, I take that back. There were lots of t-shirts this summer and shirts with open backs and flowy, boho numbers, but your typical “work/casual” top was sort of non-existent.

You can imagine my delight when I found four, really great, versatile options over the last few weeks. Here they are (left to right):

Transitional Tops for Summer and Fall - Missalaneyus

  1. Lace t-shirt, J. Crew: This shirt comes in gray and white as well. I love it with jeans, but think it would look equally cute with a skirt. Also, the price point is fantastic. ($29.50)
  2. Wrap shirt with dots, Banana Republic: Let’s start with one of this top’s greatest assets. It’s machine washable and doesn’t wrinkle. It’s also really flattering and work appropriate. ($88.00)
  3. Striped tee with ruffle sleeve, J. Crew: This t-shirt is actually a really heavy weight and would work with a skirt or pair of dress pants, as easily as it would with shorts and jeans. ($49.50)
  4. Olive short-sleeve sweatshirt, Sincerely Jules: You may not be able to get away with a short-sleeve sweatshirt at work, but I promise, you’ll want to live in this sucker all weekend. The fabric is soft and substantial, and in case olive isn’t your color, it comes in a bunch of other shades as well. ($75.00)



Detangler: The Wet Brush

Great detangling brush for wet hair - Missalaneyus

So, Ellie has been lucky enough to inherit my super-tangly hair. (It’s a thing. Trust me.) Brushing her hair elicits a series of shrieks and groans with which I completely sympathize. I’ve been grimacing every time I brush my hair for years, and poor Keegan can hardly take it.

As you can imagine, we both jumped all over our hairdresser when she recommended the wet brush. You guys, it gets tangles out so easily. We snapped up one for Ellie, and I’ve been borrowing hers every day, because it’s so good. FYI, it works on wet hair best (hence the name).

If you have a small person with a natural rats nest, pick this up immediately. It will transform your mornings.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Essentials


I am actually not a big sale person. I know, it sounds un-American, but it’s true.

However, that all changes with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I use this time to stock up on higher quality items that I wouldn’t typically splurge on and great basics.

Since I know many of you may not have been saving for this sale for months, I rounded up a few favorites that:

  • Won’t break the bank. They’re all under $100.
  • Are great essentials that you’ll wear all the time (like leggings and bras).
  • Will most likely still be there when the sale officially opens July 21. (Those with Early Access tend to clear some things out. This “pre-shop” is available to anyone with a Nordstrom credit card. You do not have to be fancy to access it. I promise.)

So, let’s get right to it:

  1. Zella Leggings : If you workout or enjoy lounging, you’ll love these leggings. They’re high quality and comfortable. ($33.90)
  2. Chantelle Intimates Bra: This is my favorite bra, period. No one will accuse it of being seductive, but it works well with clothes and has a great fit. (If you’re not familiar with the brand, they also make really pretty lace bras too.) ($44.90)
  3. Josie Robe: This sleepwear line uses really fun, punchy prints. Also, the fabric is so soft. I’m not typically a robe person, but this one has me converted.  ($39.90)
  4. Butter London Nail Polish Set: The colors here are lovely and will be so chic this fall. ($29.90)
  5. Vince Shadow Stripe Tee: This t-shirt will have you wishing you were rich enough to wear expensive clothes exclusively. While this is a little more than I’d typically spend on a tee, the cut and quality is remarkably good. I will be living in this for most of the year. ($89.90)
  6. Nike Sneakers: As soon as I slipped these on, I felt about 10 times cooler than I actually am. The black and white floral print is surprisingly versatile. I suspect these will be on repeat. That being said, I imagine these will sell out quickly. If you like them, don’t hesitate. ($70.90)
  7. Faux Shearling Vest: When thrown over a black t-shirt, this vest is instantly slimming. I don’t think there’s much else I need to say here. ($79.90)

Sephora Beauty Masks

Sephora hand mask - Missalaneyus

My love for Sephora’s line of beauty masks has been well documented here. Up until recently, my favorites were the under eye and sleeping versions. But now, I have to add a new one to the list. Their hand mask is perfection.

For years, I’ve been battling dry, red and itchy skin on my ring finger. After using their aloe vera hand mask, the redness completely went away. I’ve had this issue since at least 2009, so I think you can imagine my excitement.

To use it, you simply put on the gloves* and let the product soak into your hands for 15 minutes. Then, you rub in any excess product and voila – beautiful skin.

In other mask related news, I tried the lip one and didn’t see huge results. That being said, my lips haven’t been particularly dry, so I may give this another try in the winter. Also, while pulling links for this post, I noticed they have a foot mask, which basically made my day.

*These are really fun to wear.  It feels very decadent and a little silly, which is an awesome combination. 



Drugstore Trick: Aquaphor

aquaphor foot repair

Despite the fact that I’m constantly battling a pimple or two, I have the driest feet in America.* Seriously, they are always cracked and itchy. I’ve tried lotion, but it doesn’t seem to be strong enough. So, you can imagine my delight when the lady giving me a pedicure suggested I try Aquaphor on my feet.

If you’re familiar with the stuff, it’s probably because you’ve had a baby. It’s used for diaper rash, but I’m pleased to report it can work wonders on dry feet as well. Its consistency is like Vaseline, so smooth it on before bed or when you don’t have to be anywhere immediately. Then, let it work its magic.

*I sure know how to paint a glamorous picture of myself, don’t I?



Madewell Off-the-Shoulder Top

madewell off-the-shoulder top

Off-the-shoulder is having a huge moment right now, and I couldn’t be happier. Unlike crop tops, I can still eat a donut or two and wear this trend.

I’d been on the look out for an off-the-shoulder shirt for a while when I found this silk one at Madewell. I liked that the fabric wasn’t bulky. Many of the others I’d tried on added unnecessary volume to the chest region and were really boxy (ahem). This one was loose, but because it’s made in silk, it doesn’t add heft. It’s also really breezy, which is perfect for warm summer nights. off-the-shoulder-trend

Have you tried the off-the-shoulder trend? Are you a fan too?