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  • Blueberry Picking at The Berry Patch

    Blueberry Picking at The Berry Patch

    Two years ago, we took Ellie blueberry picking. She absolutely loved it and so did we. As you can guess, I was excited to revisit this tradition with her now. If you’re in KC, you should definitely check The Berry Patch out soon. They still have blueberries, but be sure to verify that on their…

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    Did you have a good Halloween? We had fun even if we saw the scariest witch.

  • Lately


    Collecting rocks, sticks and bugs is how Ellie spends most of her time outdoors. This particular afternoon, she found rocks that she could draw with. Do you remember finding those when you were little? White chalk rocks? I do. They were my favorite. I am on the hunt for new boots. It is not going…

  • Big Girl Room

    So, we are finally transitioning Ellie out of her crib. Yes, we’ve drug our heels on this, because she has never been a great sleeper, and we were scared. (We are still scared.) But, the time has come where it’s starting to get a little weird, so here we are, selecting the pieces for her…