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  • 15 Great & Affordable Artwork Resources

    affordable artwork resources

    I’ve loved art since I was a little girl. It fills me up in the same way that books and music do. I remember the first time I went to someone’s home that had “real art” in it. It added character and interest and immediately made me feel at ease. Since that time, I’ve worked […]

  • Checking In

    checking in missalaneyus

    We are living in strange times where “How are you?” can feel like a loaded question. But, I’ll go ahead and ask, “How are you doing?” I hope you’re navigating things with confidence though I am often not. Here, at our house, we feel both fortunate and burned out. I have laughed so hard I […]

  • 39 Things I’ve Learned in 39 Years

    39 things i learned in 39 years

    I actually wrote this past last year. It’s been tucked away in an old notebook with 38 things I learned over the course of my life. Today, on my birthday, I added one more and hit publish on this personal post. Always take the trip. There are few things I regret more than the vacations […]

  • 5 Vegetable Garden Mistakes To Avoid

    5 common vegetable garden mistakes to avoid

    I love having a vegetable garden. But over the years, I’ve had a number of missteps. From them, I’ve learned a lot. In this post, you’ll find five vegetable garden mistakes to avoid, as well as details on what I’m planting this year and why. 5 Vegetable Garden Mistakes to Avoid Make sure your garden […]

  • 15 Ideas That Spark Joy

    15 things that spark joy

    How are you holding up? Here, in our corner of the quarantine, we have a lot to be thankful for – our health, office spaces at home, a big backyard and an endless supply of art materials for Ellie. And yet, this is hard for all of us, because it is big and scary and […]

  • Elementary Excellence

    For years, something has been shifting in middle-class America. Pre-competitive and competitive sports start at age 5. Subtraction happens in kindergarten. Reading chapter books is expected at first grade. Multiplication begins in second. And, these are just the early elementary school years. All of the advancements might sound like a good thing. We’re moving forward, […]

  • 2020 Goals


    Happy New Year! How’s your 2020 starting? Mine has been relatively slow, punctuated by visits with friends and family. It’s been wonderful. As is typically the case, my mind has been on my resolutions for the year. Originally, I wanted to take a stab at my 2019 goal – to act with more intention. My plan […]

  • Work/Life Balance & Other Lies

    Hello, hello. Things have been crazy around here. As you may know, I started my own marketing consulting business in 2012. I work with small, business-to-business companies who are based in Kansas City. Since I began, my work has changed a lot – how I get new business, the types of projects I take, etc. […]

  • Acting with Intention in 2019

    2019 goals

    Happy (Belated) New Year! How’s yours going? Ours started off nice and leisurely, but this week, we’re back to the grind with Ellie in school and Keegan and I both at work full-time. So, all that to stay, this is the first week I’m really focusing on resolutions, goals and intentions for the year. Every […]

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