The Girl on the Train Book Review


Have you heard of the book The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins? I’d seen it in a few magazines and read it last month. Holy cow, it is good.

The story follows a woman who rides the train to London every day and observes a couple from her seat and imagines their lives. When one party goes missing, she becomes a key witness, though you quickly learn she may not be the most credible. The book is told from her point of view, as well as the woman she watches. The author does an incredible job of creating characters, who, while not particularly likable at times, are complex and interesting.

The Girl on the Train is a total page-turner. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself speeding through it to figure out what really happened.

If you’ve read it, I’d love to know – were you surprised? Did you see it coming? What did you think?


Explore: Natural Stone Jewelry


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Natural stone jewelry is big for spring, and while I still love all of the dainty pieces that are on the market, it’s nice to have some new, more substantial options.

These jewels are the perfect complement to all the 70′s inspired clothes and pretty pastel numbers that we’ll be working well into summer. So, this weekend, while you’re out running around, pick up one of these little ladies. Throw it on with a light-weight sweater or great little jacket as a reminder that spring is right around the corner.

The weekends should be for exploring. Every Friday this month, I’m sharing something fun to try.

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We took Ellie for her first haircut a few weeks ago. First, she was excited. Then, she was afraid. But, in the end, she loved it.

We have started visiting the park again since it is warming up outside. Sometimes, I get to swing. It is my favorite still, even as an adult.

There is a school near our house where we take Ellie to play. There are two slides side by side, and occasionally, she and I race. She’s very fast.

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Fast Food: Lemon Garlic Chicken with Asparagus & Strawberries


This is spring on a plate, and it can be on your table in about 30. (And, it’s healthy.) Boom, boom, boom.

The chicken is marinated quickly in lemon juice and zest, along with a little garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Then, it’s thrown on the grill for less than 15 minutes. Asparagus seasoned with parm and crushed red pepper flake is a quick and delicious accompaniment. Strawberries spiked with a little sugar and lemon juice let you forget they’re not quite in season. Make it for dinner this week to remind yourself spring is here.


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AFI Top 100 Films Recap

And, we’re back! We haven’t shared a movie recap from the AFI top 100 films in a little while. You can find each of our his and hers reviews here, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with the project, Keegan and I are working our way through the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest American Films of All Time list. Sometimes, we agree. Others, we couldn’t be further apart.

All About Eve
Lane: I loved this film. The primary characters are women, and they are STRONG and interesting. Bette Davis is fantastic in it, which you’d expect, but Anne Baxter is great too. I don’t have enough good things to say about it. Love, love.

Keegan: Shockingly, I didn’t love this film. There were entertaining parts and the overreaching storyline of “what goes around comes around” is kind of gratifying. But, this movie is not anything I would willingly subject myself to again.

Double Indemnity
Lane: Double Indemnity is full of sharp dialogue and double entendre. It’s smart and interesting and really great. Barbara Stanwyck is kind of magic in this role, as the conniving woman who’s pulling the strings. I adore this movie. They don’t make them like this any more.

Keegan: This movie was made in 1944 and was way ahead of it’s time. It has murder, seduction, adultery, and betrayal. I would think that’s pretty racy for the 40′s. It’s a good movie.

Apocalypse Now
Lane: Not a fan. I liked the first half of the movie, but then, it got long and really, really weird. There were some great performances, but Marlon Brando’s character was a little too out there for me in the end.

Keegan: I’m conflicted about this movie. Lane’s right, the first half is good, and then, the last half is like one of those stoner songs where there’s a 5 minute guitar solo at the end and all you’re thinking is “for God’s sake, just stop it already.”  If they would have just killed Col. Kurtz early, it would have been a hit.

The Maltese Falcon
Lane: There’s a detective, a tricky lady and a twisty-turning plot. Humphrey Bogart has the charisma of 10 men. Two, enthusiastic thumbs up on this one.

Keegan: This is one of those classic private dick movies with the voice-over, over coats, fedoras, dames, cigarettes, and stiff drinks. It has murders, and a plot that keeps you guessing. It’s pretty much everything you would hope for from this style of film.


Explore: Face Mask Fun


Through most of 7th and 8th grade, I spent my summers walking to Sally Beauty Supply to stock up on loot. In addition to sparkly nail polish, I also grabbed a lot of facial masks, because folks, I have a face mask addiction. That being said, I haven’t done one in a long time. I like to blame it on the baby, though it probably stopped happening in college.

Well, you can imagine my delight when I spotted this fun trio from Boscia in the Sephora checkout line. I had to have it. Somehow, it managed to leap in my basket. (Still not sure how that happened)

Applying the masks is easy, though a little messy. After allowing it dry, you’ll peel it off to reveal really, happy smooth skin. Good stuff. Try a mask this weekend if you have a chance and let me know what you think.

The weekends should be for exploring. Every Friday this month, I’m sharing something fun to try. 


Local Spotlight: Happy Habitat


Are you familiar with Happy Habitat? They are a local KC company that makes throws, pillows and iPad covers in the coolest patterns on the planet. Really. I did my research.

Warm, knitted throws  and pillows have never looked this modern. Draped on a couch or folded at the end of a bed, they can add personality to any room. Plus, how cool would one of these be as a gift to a new mom? Those mini-sized blankets are fantastic. I think you’d score major points.

In other news, I’ve been trying to choose one for our house, but can’t quite narrow it down. I think when you take a look at their site you’ll quickly see why. They are all gorgeous.

So, now for the big question, which designs are your favorites, and how many do I need? All? Ok. I could tell you were very smart.


Look: A Day Outside with the Kiddo


Full disclaimer, I was not actually with my kid when these photos were taken. However, this is totally something I could wear with her. These are Saturday clothes designed to go from an early lunch with the family to an afternoon trip to the park. Layers, comfortable shoes and easy clothes are the keys to having a wardrobe ready for anything toddler.


The shoes are some old favorites I picked up on a trip to Paris with Keegan. That sounds more glamorous than it was. I actually had pulled a muscle in my foot while sightseeing, so we swung into the Adidas store and picked these up in the hopes that I would quit limping around like a granny. (It didn’t really work.)

I’ve never been able to part with them, despite the fact that I haven’t worn them much, but now, here they are, totally on trend. As an added bonus, every time I wear them, they evoke really fun memories of my favorite place on the planet.

The blush coat was an impulse buy, and I’m wearing it on repeat. It’s surprisingly versatile and feels perfect for spring.


Blush Jacket (similar)Black JeansWhite Lace Top, EarringsShoes (similar, similar) and Leopard Clutch (Standard Style)

All photos by Crazybananas



Pot Roast


I know it’s been warming up over the last few weeks, but I’m going to make the case for pot roast in spring. When the evenings are 70 degrees and sunny, the last thing you should be doing is standing over a stove. Instead, put this pot roast together in the morning and let the slow cooker do the work for you. Ok? You won’t regret it. Dinner will be hot and ready after you’ve enjoyed an evening playing a pretty competitive game of “tagged you” or simply swinging on your back porch.

This particular recipe is simple, but full of flavor. Red wine, lots of garlic, herbs and onion add layers of interesting flavor to some pretty humble ingredients.


In fact, you may have enough time to pull out the pretty dishes and placemats and light a few candles. No one has to know you didn’t work that hard at all.

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