Crayola Color Bath Dropz

Crayola Color Bath Dropz - Missalaneyus

Ellie was invited to her first “school friend” birthday party a few weeks ago. It was at a paint your own ceramics shop, and in the adorable favors, they gave each kid a few art related items. One of which was a small box of Crayola Bath Dropz. I had never seen them before, but apparently, they have been around for a while.

To use one, you just drop a tablet into your kiddo’s bathtub. Then, it turns the water a vibrant hue. Ellie loved it and got a big kick out of choosing a color to use each night and seeing the shade it would turn the water.

I couldn’t find the exact favor we received online, but was able to locate a container of 45 at Target. This inexpensive item ($3.79) would be a fun stocking stuffer or addition to any gift.

Have you used these before? What did you think?


Detangler: The Wet Brush

Great detangling brush for wet hair - Missalaneyus

So, Ellie has been lucky enough to inherit my super-tangly hair. (It’s a thing. Trust me.) Brushing her hair elicits a series of shrieks and groans with which I completely sympathize. I’ve been grimacing every time I brush my hair for years, and poor Keegan can hardly take it.

As you can imagine, we both jumped all over our hairdresser when she recommended the wet brush. You guys, it gets tangles out so easily. We snapped up one for Ellie, and I’ve been borrowing hers every day, because it’s so good. FYI, it works on wet hair best (hence the name).

If you have a small person with a natural rats nest, pick this up immediately. It will transform your mornings.


5 Children’s Books You’ll Both Love

5 Children's Books You'll Both Love - MissalaneyusI am always on the look out for children’s books that Ellie and I will both love. Here are a few recent favorites:

*Admittedly, Ellie is not as in to this one. However, it’s a childhood favorite of mine, so I thought I should still pass it on.


Science City Union Station


For years, I had heard great things about Science City, but had sort of written it off as something we’d do with Ellie when she was older. Well, at the ripe old age of 4, we thought she might enjoy it.


She instantly fell in love, and now, I’m kicking myself that we didn’t come sooner.


Science City is designed to be interactive. Exhibits are made to be experienced and have information and options for kids of all ages. In fact, I think we could have brought her a year ago. She would have had a blast exploring the space. The good news is we can bring her for many years to come.


Exhibits covered the science of sound, electricity and water. There were also botany, genetics and animal areas, along with an indoor playground. We were there for about two hours, but could have explored much longer.

Have you been? Which exhibit was your favorite?


Lemon, Blueberry Donuts

As we picked blueberries a few weeks ago, I dreamed of what I’d make with them. I considered muffins, scones and pancakes, until I landed on something amazing: lemon, blueberry donuts. I’d made baked donuts before using Daphne Oz’s recipe, so I thought I could use it as a base to create these. Studded with blueberries and glazed with lemon, this twist on her recipe is something really special.

donuts 051

While I was whipping these up, someone decided to put on something a little fancier, “her princess Cinder-aya” to be exact. I am of the strong opinion that a dress like this deserves a party, and in our case, one serving tea seemed appropriate.

donuts 057

Ellie was in charge of setting the table. I like how she lined everything up along the edge.

donuts 052

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Around Here


The weather has been bleak, but these dwarf irises are a lovely reminder that spring is around the corner.


Ellie has been making a lot of coffee lately. She spends most of her time running from the table to the bookcase, carrying one piece at time, until everything is just right. “Sit down,” she’ll say and point to a specific point on the floor. She may need to work on her hostess skills.

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