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  • 24 Hours or Less in Asheville, NC

    24 Hours or Less in Asheville, NC

    Every year, Keegan’s division hosts a client event. Spouses are invited, and it’s always in a gorgeous destination. For us, it’s typically a quick trip, but this time, it was even quicker. We landed Sunday at 2:30 PM and flew out Tuesday mid-morning. So, while this is not a comprehensive guide, it will give you…

  • Overland Park Arboretum Enchanted Forest

    Overland Park Arboretum Enchanted Forest

    This weekend, we hunted for fairies, and while we didn’t see any, Ellie would let you know we saw their houses. If you’re in KC or nearby, be sure to check out the Enchanted Forest exhibit at the Overland Park Arboretum, which is now open through Labor Day. You and your little ones will not…

  • Explore: Sedona, Arizona

    Explore: Sedona, Arizona

    And, I’m back. Last week, I was struck down with a monster virus, which is why I was absent from the blog. It was not pretty. But, I’m happy to report Sedona is very pretty. I mean look at her. Gorgeous, right? Two weeks ago, I joined five friends for a long weekend in Sedona. It…