Fashion Friday: Color


Color by missalaneyus

Maybe it’s just me, but this constant state of snow has me yearning for a strong shot of color. Luckily, the 2011 Spring collections incorporated a variety of vibrant colors, often in deep jewel tones: aqua, red, royal blue, purple, fuchsia and green. In the photos above, you’ll see how they mixed colors on the runway to create compelling outfits. I love the way these bold looks came together.

For me, I plan to pick up a few accessories and colorful tops to mix into my current wardrobe. While I’m not sure I’m brave enough to mix a coral top with a red skirt, I really like the idea of wearing a bold top with a different colored bright accessory. For example, how cute would that green clutch be with anything?

Silk and chiffon skirt
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