Hello Upper Eastsiders.

I’ve long been a fan of Gossip Girl. Between the fashion and intrigue, I’ve stayed with the show through its rough patches(and there have been a lot) and in the spirit of full disclosure, will most likely watch it no matter how terrible it gets (Vanessa & Nate?).

So like most 16 year-old girls, I had an opinion about the creation of Dair (Dan & Blair).  At first, I hated the idea of B and Lonely Boy together. It seemed ridiculous. (I sense the irony in that comment.) However, I’m now fully in favor.

If you haven’t caught the Dair or Gossip Girl fever yet, take a look at this glamorous promo. The soapy drama will continue with a prince! (gasp)


Now, all they need to do is make Serena less boy crazy and Nate more interesting.

xoxo – Gossip Girl

P.S. While researching this post, I found this cool site with info on touring NYC like an Upper East Sider.

P.P.S. Yes, I said “researching,” and no, I’m not pulling out my encyclopedias or headed to the library for this. I used the term loosely.


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  1. I’m completely obsessed. And I too thought the idea of Dair was ridiculous but after last night want them to get it on, in spite of Serena!

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