Drugstore Diva: Whiney Lips

Wine or bordeaux colored lipstick is hot for fall, but I’ve been a little apprehensive to try it.

via InStyle

For starters, the look reminds me of the 90’s. Oh, you don’t remember this?

In addition to that, I usually don’t wear dark lipstick. But, I decided to try it anyway. Luckily, trying beauty trends can be pretty painless on your wallet. Although a lot of luxe brands are carrying wine hues, you can find great alternatives at the drugstore. I picked up Revlon’s Wine Not to try the trend for myself, and I’m actually really happy with the result. The color is a little pinker on me than I thought it would be, which works better with my skin tone. My only complaint is that the lipstick tends to be a little drying, but a swipe of chapstick can fix that.

With any bold lip, be sure to exfoliate your lips first. Otherwise, you’ll end up with little annoying flakes all over your pout. Not a very cute look.



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