Vegetable Garden

As most of you are aware, I had a baby last summer. Between that, my lazy approach to gardening and a complete drought, I scorched a lot of plants. I haven’t had a really successful vegetable garden in years, but each spring, I approach it with plenty of optimism and hope. This year is no different.

I picked a mix of vegetables and lots of basil in the hopes that something will succeed. I read somewhere that marigolds help keep critters away, so I planted a border of them along two sides. The husband also used his brutish strength to pull up the mint that has been trying to takeover the garden for years. I like having it on hand, so I’ve decided to keep a small planter of it on our patio instead. My thought is that it could live in Ellie’s playroom during the winter, so I picked a bright pink pot.

Anyways, the whole thing is very hopeful, and three diagrams later, I settled on this.


That being said, I am becoming increasingly more aware of my shortcomings in the flower department and have decided to dedicate one of my beds to mostly herbs. They seem to be one of the few things I can grow. You wouldn’t believe how big my sage plant gets. It’s seriously the size of a bush (or, roughly the same size as the dandelions I grew in the vegetable garden). We have plans to expand our patio this summer, which means my little bed with rosemary and chives is getting the axe. So, those have been added to the larger bed in the back.


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