We took Ellie for her first haircut a few weeks ago. First, she was excited. Then, she was afraid. But, in the end, she loved it.

We have started visiting the park again since it is warming up outside. Sometimes, I get to swing. It is my favorite still, even as an adult.

There is a school near our house where we take Ellie to play. There are two slides side by side, and occasionally, she and I race. She’s very fast.

I’m not that into holiday decorating, but since having Ellie, I’ve been making more of an effort. These eggs from Target were too cute to pass up. I also picked up this pennant.

At breakfast the other day, I caught her admiring herself in her spoon. The fascination with mirrors is genetic. She gets it from her mama.

I attended KC Fashion Week last weekend, and it was fantastic. There were lots of great looks, but this cape jacket from Architexture was one of my favorites. So good, right?


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