Finding Audrey


Finding Audrey is a Young Adult novel by Sophie Kinsella (writer of the Shopaholic series and long list of other books). It takes on teen bullying and mental illness with wit and humor. Despite the heavy topics, you should read this on your next vacation (or staycation). I promise you’ll love it.


Finding Audrey is an incredibly fast read. I finished it in a few days. Told from the point of view of Audrey, a young teen battling depression, this book is funny and heartwarming. In it, you’ll find bravery, first love and the connection of family. Hooked yet?

Although she is battling big things, Audrey’s courage left me feeling inspired. Her observations of her family are charming and familiar. Like me, I’m sure you’ll be cheering her on as she takes big, scary steps forward. Read it soon and then, let me know what you think. Okay?

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    • The hunt for a good summer read can be a struggle! I really loved this one and have another recommendation coming next week. If you have a book you love, please send the title my way. I’m always looking for something great.

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