5 New Books to Read This Weekend

So, this round-up of books is basically full of light reads. Other than the fourth one listed, your mind will not be expanded reading any of these, but sometimes that’s the point.

A fun, simple getaway can be just what the doctor ordered when life is busy and hard. For me, reading has never had to be so serious. Instead, it has been a way to escape or learn something new, which is why I enjoy it and continue to (try to) make time for it.

  1. The Coincidence of Coconut Cake: This light romance combines two of my favorite things – food and love (my two Achilles’s heels).
  2. Maybe Someday: A book about love and timing with a very appealing male lead, who is deaf.
  3. Confess: This was the first book I had ever read by Colleen Hoover. I enjoyed it so much I followed up with Maybe Someday.
  4. #GIRLBOSS: Out of all of these, this is the only heavy read. That being said, it was still really entertaining and insightful. Now matter where you are in your career, this book is worth picking up. It is 100 percent worthy of all the hype it has received.
  5. Wild Ride: I am a big fan of Jennifer Crusie’s stories, because her characters are always so sassy. She wrote this¬†particular book ¬†with Bob Mayer, and it had some¬†supernatural (demons and such) intrigue mixed in with her trademark romance, making it a lot of fun.

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