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This summer, we’ve been exploring Kansas City like crazy. After months of Saturdays dedicated to dance practice, naps and errands, it’s been fun to revisit favorite adventures. One of the places Ellie most enjoys going is Sea Life Aquarium. It’s small in size, which makes it perfect for little kids with short attention spans. Also, you can touch starfish there, which is a big draw for our 4-year-old.


This is what pure joy looks like. No photos were taken of the absolute devastation that occurred when we had to leave.


In addition to all that excitement, we also had family in town overnight in July. Keegan was in heaven hitting the ball around with our nephew, Noah.


The girls had a blast too. If you can’t tell here, Lucy (in the polka dot pants) was the mother. Ellie and Dylan were her daughters. She was driving them to dance class in the car (chaise lounge) right before this photo was taken.


This picture is a nice contrast to the one of Ellie in a full princess costume. She is at ease in both, but probably most happy in mud.


This is one of the many “families” Ellie is constantly creating. The daddy is the green dinosaur. Obviously.


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