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afi top 100 movie review

Today, I’m sharing four, new movie reviews from our AFI Top 100 Movie project. You can find each of our his and hers reviews here, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with the project, Keegan and I are working our way through the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest American Films of All Time list. Sometimes, we agree. Others, we couldn’t be further apart. We only watch the ones that we both haven’t already seen. 

King Kong
Lane: This movie was so long. I could appreciate that it was ground breaking, but hope to never watch it again. Ever.

Keegan: If you think about the special effects created for the movie and the technology for the time it was made, this movie is really amazing. The story line is so so, and the acting is so so, and the movie is so long, but the effects were impressive for being a 1933 film.

Bonnie and Clyde
Lane: Hmm….I’m not sure what to say about this one. I liked it, but I remember getting bored. Faye Dunaway’s wardrobe in it is on point, but it dragged a bit despite the thrilling premise.

Keegan: I liked this movie, but (shocker) it was long. Why are all these movies so freaking long? I thought Warren Beatty was really good in this, and I found the relationship between Bonnie and Clyde to be entertaining (apparently Clyde was a bit of a prude). Didn’t see that coming.

Midnight Cowboy
Lane: So disturbed by this movie, so disturbed.

Keegan: See above. Ok, really. You keep waiting for it to get good. It doesn’t. It just gets strange.

The Philadelphia Story
Lane: This is one my favorites. Katherine Hepburn is fantastic in it. The dialogue is smart and fast-paced. Keegan hated it. (He does not have great taste in movies – read most of his reviews to find out.)

Keegan: If you like movies where there is a lot of witty banter, BOY HAVE I GOT A MOVIE FOR YOU. Gents, this movie will present you with an excellent opportunity to catch a nap. I did.


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