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The Fall T.V. Worth Watching – Edited

T.V. may not be the most exciting hobby, but it’s one of mine. So, every year, despite the decline of cable programming, I look forward to seeing which new shows look promising and the favorites that are returning. Here’s what I plan on watching next week when the premieres start.

Please note: most of these are a little embarrassing – which lets face it – the best t.v. is.


Charmed, CW, 8:00 PM – Premieres Oct. 14 – So far, I’m really enjoying this reboot. The charmed ones are smart and modern in this adaptation. 


Magnum P.I., CBS, 8:00 PM – Premieres Sept. 24 (I watched this one growing up. It could be super cheesy, but the eye candy they have playing the lead is reason enough to check it out.) – This was slow and not as action packed as I would have liked. 


Manifest, NBC, 9:00 PM – Premieres Sept. 24 – Keegan and I are behind on this, but liked the first few episodes a lot. 


  • Blackish, ABC, 8:00 PM – Premieres Oct. 16
  • Splitting Up Together, ABC, 8:30 PM – Premieres Oct. 16
  • This Is Us, NBC, 8:00 PM – Premieres Sept. 25


  • American Housewife, ABC, 7:30 PM – Premieres Sept. 26
  • Modern Family, ABC, 8:00 PM – Premieres Sept. 26
  • Star, Fox, 8:00 PM – Premieres Sept. 26
  • Riverdale, CW, 7:00 PM – Premieres Oct. 10

Single Parents, ABC, 8:30 PM – Premieres Sept. 26 – So far, this one is very funny. 

A Million Little Things, ABC, 9:00 PM – Premieres Sept. 26 – A Million Little Things is incredibly well done. This is a must watch. 


All American, CW, 8:00 PM – Premieres October 10 – So far, we’ve only seen the trailer. I liked it a lot. It’s soapy with a serious side, which is the CW’s sweet spot. 


  • How to Get Away With Murder, ABC, 9:00 PM – Premieres Sept. 27
  • Superstore, NBC, 7:00 PM – Premieres Oct. 4
  • The Good Place, NBC, 7:30 PM – Premieres Sept. 27 at 7:00 PM

Murphy Brown, CBS, 8:30 PM – Premieres Sept. 27 – Yikes, this was bad. I couldn’t make it through the pilot. 


I Feel Bad, NBC, 8:30 PM – Premieres Oct. 4 – This show is freaking hilarious. I can’t recommend it enough. 


Dynasty, CW, 7:00 PM – Premieres Oct. 12



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