39 things i learned in 39 years

39 Things I’ve Learned in 39 Years

I actually wrote this past last year. It’s been tucked away in an old notebook with 38 things I learned over the course of my life. Today, on my birthday, I added one more and hit publish on this personal post.

  1. Always take the trip. There are few things I regret more than the vacations I said no to.
  2. Friendships change, and it can be really heartbreaking.
  3. You had good eyebrows. Quit messing with them.
  4. Sometimes you’ll learn the lesson the first time, and others you’ll repeat the same mistakes. Both are okay. You’ll eventually get the message.
  5. Even though your pregnancy and the early months of being a mom were hard, they won’t define your relationship with your daughter.
  6. No one is thinking about what you’re doing at all. And, if they are, they are probably not much fun.
  7. When you find the right person, it will be exciting, but also comfortable. The decision to stay will be easy.
  8. You are incredibly lucky to have the parents you did. Their support afforded you opportunities others didn’t get. Don’t forget that.
  9. You can wear bright lipstick (and sunglasses).
  10. Having standards and expectations for romantic relationships is okay! In fact, sometimes you should raise them.
  11. Your suspicions that once you started to wear comfortable shoes you’d never want to go back was unfortunately correct.
  12. Wearing the correct size bra is very important. Get measured every year.
  13. If you’re in a toxic work environment, it won’t get better. Get out. Life is too short to spend 40 hours feeling uncertain all the time.
  14. Holding a door open, making a donation, or supporting a friend’s project will never be a waste of time or money.
  15. No matter how cute they look on others – peplums, empire waists, and shift or trapeze dresses – are never flattering on you. So, quit torturing yourself by trying them on.
  16. You can keep houseplants alive, if you ask the nursery or store owner for explicit instructions.
  17. Your tastebuds will change, so go ahead and try it.
  18. Giving someone a sincere compliment is something we should all do more often.
  19. Parenting is like a group project.
  20. How you define success will change.
  21. Investing in your skin is expensive, but worth it.
  22. Getting laid off was heartbreaking, but it encouraged you to take the leap and start your own business years later. You learned no job is every really safe.
  23. Making new friends is scary at any age, but gets easier the more you do it.
  24. Not everything is black and white. The more you learn about other people the more you can see why they act the way the do – even if you’ll never agree with them.
  25. Never chase after someone who wouldn’t chase after you.
  26. Great music is the ultimate mood booster. It helps lift your spirits and encourages you to actually get things done.
  27. There is nothing better than an “I love you” from your daughter or the sound of her giggles.
  28. Having a baby often comes with an identity crisis, but you will find yourself again. I promise.
  29. Change is good. People who don’t are stuck.
  30. Buying fresh flowers is always a good idea.
  31. Sinking into a good book, visiting an art museum or doing a little yoga all help to turn your brain off. Making time for these escapes is important, if not always feasible.
  32. Most of the time someone’s bad mood or judgement has nothing to do with you. You will know if it does.
  33. When choosing a partner, look for someone who is funny, kind and reliable. Those are are the marks of all your favorite people.
  34. Boundaries are important. Don’t be afraid to set and enforce them. People will continue to treat you the way you allow them to.
  35. That there will be headlines and political views that shake you to your core. The people who disagree with you are just that – people. Their experiences have lead them to those places. The world needs more empathy and kindness – even when, it’s not easy.
  36. High school dances are nothing like the movies. Yes, it’s incredibly disappointing.
  37. Your body belongs to you. You decide how to dress it and what to do with it.
  38. Learning all the words to Regulators is worth your time.
  39. Your insecurities are often reflected in your first impressions of a person. Take the time to get to know someone before you write them off.

What have you learned over the course of your life?



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