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15 Great & Affordable Artwork Resources

I’ve loved art since I was a little girl. It fills me up in the same way that books and music do. I remember the first time I went to someone’s home that had “real art” in it. It added character and interest and immediately made me feel at ease. Since that time, I’ve worked to fill my home with pieces I love, picking up art here and there. But, like many of you, I do not have unlimited funds. So, over the years, I’ve found resources for great, affordable artwork.

Some of these I discovered online through blogger mentions. Many came from favorite local shops. Others are created by friends of mine. Below, you’ll find 15 different artists. Prices and point-of-view vary. I like many different styles of artwork, so there’s a little something for everyone.

15 affordable artwork resources
  1. Laurel Dawn Corner Studio: This artist creates primarily small-scale landscapes; however, I have one of her more abstract pieces. All are charming.
  2. Elan Byrd: I found Elan via The Stripe and fell in love with her textural collages. She release collections intermittently, and inventory goes quickly, so if you like her style, be sure to get on her mailing list.
  3. Emily Johnson Art: While some of these vibrant abstract pieces are over $1,000, others are around $100. All showcase her incredible talent.
  4. Gina Julian: I found Gina Julian’s work via The Stripe too. Her pieces are fun and would brighten up any space. She has a great selection of prints on her site and releases new color studies several times a week.
  5. Nicole Cohen Photography: Kansas City interior designers Kobel + Co shared this site on Instagram, and I immediately fell in love. These photos would instantly elevate a space, so interesting and inherently cool.
  6. Lesley Grainger: These cheerful, bold abstract paintings have such a great use of color.
  7. Jamie Beck: Each of these photos feels like an old-world painting. Based in France, Jamie’s isolation creation posters are so beautiful you’ll want them all. She recently launched a smalls version, and I’m tempted to get every single one.
  8. Sarah Madiera Day Art: I snapped up this moody landscape at Golden and Pine. In case you can’t tell, it’s printed on canvas, which gives it such a unique look and feel.
  9. Ampersand Design Studio: This talented design duo is based in KC. I love their fun, geometric prints, which you can find on all kinds of home goods – including artwork.
  10. Lee Quaife: Lee did a show at Coveted Home several years ago. I love her stripped down landscapes. I couldn’t find a current site for her, but if you like her work, shoot her a message on Instagram.
  11. Juniper Print Shop: Digital downloads are $20 on this site. Well-curated, Juniper Print Shop has a little something for everyone. They also sell prints as well.
  12. Cassie Lane Art: Cassie Lane Art offers a wide variety of abstracts, using lots of vibrant blues, yellows and pinks. Her minis start at just $45 and are actual paintings – not prints.
  13. Cassandra Castaneda: Cassandra and I met a few years ago, because our daughters go to school with one another. She is a delight and true talent. Her art is moody and full of magic. I can’t recommend her work enough.
  14. Rebecca Plotnick Photography: Rebecca Plotnick’s photos will have you feeling like you’ve been swept away. Her travel photos are soft and feminine, inspiring wanderlust. While I love her Paris shots, the Cuba series might be my favorite.
  15. Cait Fore: Cait and I have been friends for years. She’s one of my most favorite people and also happens to be incredibly talented. She recently started creating these gold-flecked rose paintings, but also does commissioned work.

P.S. Who are some of your favorite artists? Share all your secrets here.



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