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  • The Best Nail Polish for Your At Home Manicure

    nails inc best nail polish home manicure

    I love nothing more than freshly painted nails, but even before the Coronavirus hit, I rarely got a manicure. For years, I picked up nail polish at the drugstore or even Ulta, but I’ve recenlty developed a new obsession that works so well. For the best at home manicure, I can’t recommend the brand Nails […]

  • Neutral Nail Polish

    Neutral nail polish is hot for spring, and if like me, you have a hard time staying on top of your manicure, this is great news. If your nails get a little chipped, it is relatively easy to cover up or pretend like it’s not happening. Chipped navy nails stand out a little more than I’d like […]

  • The Perfect Summer Pink

    In college, my friend Brooke told me that she always painted her toes red in the fall and pink in the summer. At the time, I remember thinking this was a very chic and elegant idea. And although I do stray from it, I still find myself searching for the perfect pink every summer. Currently, […]

  • Polished: No More Film

    There’s something about painted nails that makes me feel instantly put together. My hair can be undone. I can have a completely bare face, but when I look at my nails, I feel fairly glamorous. It’s always been that way for me. My new favorite polish is No More Film from Essie. It’s a dark […]

  • Drugstore Diva: Posh Polish

    I first spotted this polish in a magazine ad on Olivia Wilde. I loved the vibrant green and couldn’t get the color out of my head. A few weeks ago, my friend Julee rocked a similar color on her fingers at a wedding reception. It looked fresh and bold, so I decided to bite the […]

  • Perfectly Polished

    At the risk of sounding like an Essie sales rep, I’ve fallen for one of their colors again. Ole Caliente is part of their new spring collection. A beautiful orange-red, this bright color works well on short nails or toes. It’s a perfect reminder that summer is just around the corner.