Neutral Nail Polish


Neutral nail polish is hot for spring, and if like me, you have a hard time staying on top of your manicure, this is great news. If your nails get a little chipped, it is relatively easy to cover up or pretend like it’s not happening. Chipped navy nails stand out a little more than I’d like them to. Not cool, navy. Not cool.

So, if you’re ready to embrace this “trend,” which let’s face it is a classic, there are a number of great neutral nail polish options on the market. Here are four shades I’ve fallen for recently.


listed from left to right

Sally Hansen, Shell We Dance, 210: This color is pictured on me in the photo above. It actually covered pretty consistently and left a nice sheen on my nails. The overall effect was very natural, but prettier than real life.

Essie, Minimalistic: The palest pink, this lovely shade takes quit a few coats to get opaque coverage.

Essie, Tuck it in my Tux: If you’re going for a nail that is nearly white, this polish is just what you’re looking for. It will take several coats (plus a base and top coat), but I promise, you will have the chicest nails on the planet.

Essie, Just Hitched: This matte, pale pink nail polish was my favorite of the four. It has a light sheen, but the flat color makes the whole thing sophisticated instead of bubblegum.



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