Cat’s Meow

The classic cat eye is huge for fall. Whenever I think of this look, I should picture Sophia Loren, but instead, I think of Lauren Conrad, because I’m so cultured.

I decided to give this look a try for myself and remembered how terrible I am at liquid liner, so I picked up the Eye Studio Ink Pen Liner from Maybelline.* It works really well and stays put throughout the day. I found it to be smudge proof and liked how crisp the line was.┬áIt is however not waterproof, which is great if you need several do-overs like me. It’s not so great if you think you might cry while wearing it.

My first attempt at the cat eye was pretty catastrophic (Get it? Get it? I know I need to get out more.), so I looked up a few tutorials. This one is wonderful. My cat eye improved immensely, but only on the left side.

FYI, I went much less dramatic with mine, but the principles still apply.

*Maybelline features video tutorials on their site too. I found this out while putting the post together. Pretty cool, if you ask me.


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