January Beauty Haul

Here’s my take on a few products from my recent beauty haul. Left to right: Pearl Eye Mask, Sephora: I’ve used the facial sheet masks before and like them, but they are a little restrictive. You basically have to lie down to keep them on. Well, I’m here to report the eye masks not only… Continue reading January Beauty Haul

Winter Beauty Haul

As a member of make-up anonymous, I feel it is only fair to pass on news of my favorite, new, beauty products. Plus, sharing it here helps justify future purchases. Because, obviously, I need another reason to buy cosmetics. Left to Right: Becca, Beach Tint Summer Souffle in Watermelon Moonstone: This creamy blush smells like… Continue reading Winter Beauty Haul

Perfecting Product

When you’re pregnant, some people will tell you that you have a glow. While it might not always feel accurate, it is really nice to hear. Lately, I think my pretty skin can be chalked up to some good hormones and a little illuminator from NARS.