Fresh Paint

I have always been a fan of bold lipstick, but have never been comfortable pulling it off. I’ve always felt my lips were too thin. Every few years, I buy a shade of red impulsively, try it on at home and then, keep it in the back of my make-up drawer for several years before throwing it away.

Well, that is all starting to change thanks to this little gem.

Brand: Flower; Product: Shine On Lip Gloss; Color: Iris I Could Fly; Available Exclusively at Wal-Mart

Part of Drew Barrymore’s cosmetic line Flower, I can’t say enough good things about this lip gloss. The color is cheerful. The gloss application is forgiving in case you are applying it without a mirror. But, the best thing is, it leaves a light stain behind. Which means if you are a heavy diet coke drinker, you will still have some lipstick on long after you finish your first can of pop.

I really wanted to show you how it looked on, so I had to take a series of selfies.

I now have a new respect for those of you who have mastered this. It is incredibly hard. I took more photos than I’d care to admit and ended up with these goofy ones. Ooh la la, indeed.

Do you have a go-to lipstick shade?



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  1. Unfortunately, right now, it is called “Chapstick.” 🙂

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