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Summer Reading

So, over the last year, I have been stockpiling book recommendations. They run the gamut. Some are new-ish. Others have been out for awhile. They are all GOOD. (You will see a ton of mystery/thrillers, because that was what my book club was into last year.) Find out what to read here:

Little Fires EverywhereCeleste Ng is an incredible storyteller. In this novel, she weaves together the stories of several families in a Midwestern town, slipping between multiple perspectives. I adored this book. It had me thinking long after I put it down.

The Woman in the WindowIn this thriller, the main character suffers from agoraphobia, which makes many of the suspenseful scenes even scarier. A psychological ride, the author does a great job of offering the reader lots of unexpected twists and turns.

Everything I Never Told You: This is another one by Celeste Ng. It is fantastic too. It is about a family whose daughter dies unexpectedly and the secrets that unravel after her death.

Fates and Furies: In a way, the structure of this novel reminded me of Gone Girl. The book is first told from the husband’s point-of-view and then, later his wife’s. The book was dark and gritty, but beautifully written.

Letters from Paris: My mom shared this book with me, and I really loved it. The protagonist takes off on a journey to Paris in search of the origins of a mystery mask. Throughout the book, you follow her story, as well as the original model of the mask. The author does a lovely job of incorporating real, historical details from the 1800’s and gives the reader a peek into art history.

The Last Mrs. Parrish: This creepy, thriller was disturbing, but fun to read. It’s about a woman who tries to con her way into a rich family by replacing the current wife.

In a Dark, Dark Wood: My book club read several Ruth Ware novels, and this was my favorite of the bunch. This mystery takes place in essentially, a murder house. Ok, not really, but the main character is unexpectedly invited to a bachelorette party where she reconnects with an old friend. The home they stay in sounds like a place where people are murdered and is the perfect setting for a suspenseful tale.

The Art of French Kissing: Easy and breezy, this book is the perfect escape. It follows a young girl who loses everything and decides to uproot her life and move to Paris. Obviously, there is a good helping of romance in this one. It reminded me of all the Bridget Jones/Sophie Kinsella knock-offs I read obsessively in college.

A Study in Charlotte: The first in a short series, A Study in Charlotte introduces readers to Sherlock Holmes and Watson’s descendants. Away at boarding school, the teens meet for the first time and are of course quickly accused of murder. Smart and twisty, I really enjoyed this one and can’t wait to read the second installment.



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