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What to Read Right Now

That title is very bossy, but truthfully, so am I. Over the last several months, I’ve read a lot of exceptional books and couldn’t be more excited to share them with you. So, let’s get right to it, OK?

Life After Live – This book is clever and vastly interesting. It’s one you’ll think about long after reading the last page. It is historical fiction and takes place before, after and during WWII. The main character, Ursula, dies continually throughout the book. Each time, hitting the reset button with opportunities to right past wrongs. I’ve never read anything quite like it and completely fell in love.

FYI, there is a follow-up book starring her brother, Teddy. I haven’t read it yet, but have added it to my list.

Educated – At first, I struggled getting into the rhythm of this book, but then, I was hooked. In this fascinating tale, Tara Westover gives readers a look into a world that is, more than likely, quite different than theirs. The characters, including herself, are flawed – not wholly good or completely bad. Because it is a memoir, I found myself, once again, researching as I read – trying to learn more about this complicated family.

The Wife Between Us – The only suspense-filled novel in the list. The Wife Between Us delivered on the huge twist it promised. I loved how the authors added such a smart and unexpected element to what could have been a run-of-the-mill story about an ex-wife and her younger replacement.

Where the Crawdads Sing – Delia Owens paints a gorgeous, heartbreaking picture of the marshes of North Carolina in this beautiful book. Although this was an area I had no intention of ever visiting, I now feel I have to see it. In addition to her lyrical depiction of life in the south, the main character, Kya, is smart, strong and layered. Left by her family and community to raise herself, this novel will pull you in and have you completely invested in Kya’s future.

The Collector’s Apprentice – Out of this list, this book is probably the most straightforward. But, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a lovely, easy escape. The story follows a young girl who flees to France after her fiancé cons her family and all of her close friends. She reinvents herself in 1920’s Paris, rubbing elbows with Gertrude Stein and Picasso, while serving as an art collector’s apprentice. I think this would be the perfect book to travel with or read by a pool (which let’s hope we’ll all be doing soon).

Now, for the big question, what should I read next?

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