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Jewelry Brand to Watch: OMA

Last year when more influencers promoted black-owned businesses, I discovered and quickly fell in love with OMA. The brand offers a range of modern jewelry that manages to feel both fresh and timeless.

I first snapped up the Tonia Hoop and the Patricia Bracelet. In addition to being high in quality, they are also beautifully packaged, making them a great gift. For Christmas, I asked for (and received) the Jose Hoops and look forward to wearing them more in the warmer months with swingy dresses – though I have sported them with sweaters (and joggers) at home.

In terms of price, some of OMA’s jewelry is around $50, while other pieces are close to $100. From my not so scientific calculations, most earrings come in around $70.

On the 20th, they are releasing new styles, but here’s what I’ve had my eye on for a little while:

OMA Jewelry black owned business
  1. Ewere Hoops
  2. The Frosty Link Collection
  3. Liv Hoops
  4. Timepiece Ring
  5. Abma Hoops
  6. Neumi Ear Cuffs ($29!)

Which one should I get next?



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