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Sephora Gift Guide: Things You Can Buy Me (or Put on Your Own List)

I did hard things. I went to Sephora (twice) and looked at all of their treasures to put together this gift guide for you. And, also for myself. Who am I kidding? I was in total heaven.

If you’re like me, it can be hard to come up with ideas of things you’d like to get for Christmas. Often, treasures from Sephora make the list. So, today, I’m passing on all that hard work to you with this gift guide. In it, you’ll find 8 amazing items at non-shocking price points. Also, they are all from brands I love or have been dying to try.

Sephora Gift Guide:

  1. MILK Make-Up, MVP’s Set, $39: While I haven’t tried all of these products, my love for MILK Make-Up has been documented here and here. This set does a great job of offering a variety of items for a really reasonable price, giving you a chance to try out the brand without making a huge investment.
  2. Bobbi Brown, Nude Drama Eyeshadow Palette, $59: This just might be the perfect eyeshadow palette. It doesn’t have a single “I’ll never wear that color” in the entire thing.
  3. Sephora, The Next Big Thing, $39: There are so many brands in this set that I’ve thought of trying. I think this would be a perfect gift for your favorite make-up junkie.
  4. NARS, Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil Mini Set, $39: NARS makes my favorite lipsticks. Period. The mini pencils all come in great shades, and while small, the size is just right.
  5. Herbivore, Jewel Box Mini Facial Oil + Serum, $58: I love their Bakuchiol serum so much that I’m very intrigued by the rest of their products. Give this to your friend who is into clean beauty and skincare.
  6. GLOW Recipe, Glow Baby Glow, $29: I’ve been a long-time fan of the watermelon overnight mask. The price on this is wonderful, and the small sized masks will last you longer than you think.
  7. Smashbox, Cosmic Celebration 3-Palette Shooting Star Set, $39: Smashbox was the first “nice make-up” I bought with my own money. I got it for my wedding day and have used their eyeshadow for years. This set offers a lot of product for a little price, giving the recipient the chance to try a lot of different looks – such a fun present.
  8. Summer Fridays, Merry & Brighter, $64: There’s a reason the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask has a cult following. It’s that good. I also think the Overtime Mask is great too, though I haven’t tried their newest, R+R one.


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