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What to Read Right Now: December 2019

Hey, hey. We’re approaching reading season!

We just have to make it through December. Then, in January, when we’re stranded in our house, we can settle in with a pile of good books. I’m not sure who will watch our children, but maybe the T.V. will? It’s unclear.

Either way, I’ve pulled together the list of what I’ve read over the last few months. You’ll find short reviews of each book and a list of the ones I’m hoping to read after the holidays. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas of which ones to add to your stack before reading season is in full swing.

My Friend Anna – Hmm. This book is based on a fascinating true story. Basically, a woman cons a bunch of affluent New Yorkers into believing she’s an heiress. That being said, this wasn’t a favorite of mine. I felt like there were pieces of the puzzle that were left out. (I found a lot of them here.) And, it seemed like the narrator was pleading her case throughout, trying to prove her intelligence to the reader.

Watch Me Disappear – This mystery is a fun escape. After a woman goes missing and is found to be dead, her family begins uncovering secrets about her past. I really enjoyed this page-turner.

The Hating Game – If you love romance novels, pick this one up. Sharp and funny, this book is about two rivals who work at a publishing house together. They are constantly at each other’s throats, but of course, there is a some undeniable chemistry between the two.

Things You Save in a Fire – My mom loaned me this story. It is a romance novel about a female firefighter who moves to the east coast to care for her ailing mother. It is not as spicy as The Hating Game and reminded me of a Hallmark movie – but with more depth. (If you know me, this is a completely a compliment.)

Meet Cute – Meet Cute is about a woman who has had a crush on a T.V. star from the time she was a young girl. She gets to know him during law school. Then, they don’t see each other for years following graduation. They are reunited following his parents’ death when she is the conservator of their will. This one was not a favorite of mine. It was quick to read, but the main character was a little too nice for me. (I know. A weird critique, but I found her a little vanilla and frustrating.)

The Whisper Network – This. book. is. remarkable. It is centered around three women who work together in Dallas. It tackles sexual harassment and even more interestingly, what it means to be a woman in the workplace and world. I found myself nodding along to the opening paragraphs of most chapters which highlight motherhood, female friendships and a host of other relatable topics.

Now, for the big question, what should I read next? An American Marraige, The Night Tiger, Becoming, The Bride Test, or something else?

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